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"Substantial expertise in the financial arts"
Titan Global Assets is a California based company, which specializes in unique funding and value enhancement arrangements which allow strong projects to achieve their funding goals and flourish. It is our belief that if you can assist an exceptional idea to evolve into an exceptional business then you are not only allowing positive growth of a business, but also raising the standard of living for the communities around the business. Among these unique techniques are Credit Line Assets & Balance Sheet Enhancements. TGA and our associates are also historically and directly involved with Asset Based Conflict Resolutions. Our investors, our clientèle, and their projects are often speculative in nature. We are interested in and capable with both domestic and global projects, with a preference for multi-national operations and markets, especially regarding Balance Sheet Enhancements. Our in-house underwriters are especially adept in creative and customized innovations for a wide variety of files. TGA focuses on the specific needs and demands of our clientèle, our industry and the investor community, now fully merged with the global economy. To present your project visit the Apply tab and fill out our quick, concise Preliminary Application so we may explore options together. TGA Continues to offer... Time essential Arrangements, Collateralization from the TGA Asset Base, Expedient in-House Underwriting, Venture Capital, Joint Ventures, & Funding. TGA welcomes brokers both new & old to the speculative commercial finance industry and take pride in both protecting our brokers from circumvention & for commission. More information for those curious about brokering can be found on the opportunities page. Private investors are always welcome for consultation and contracted underwriting services.